100 Billion Stars: July 29, 2018

Sunday, July 29, 2018  10:03am

“Steps Ahead” is playing.  Older fusion jazz group from the 90’s featuring Mike Manieri on the vibes.  Similar to Spyrogyra, Yellowjackets.  Don’t know how much longer I can

keep them on: the music can be too “jazzy” and unpredictable for me and, when I’m writing, I need something consistent.

Timer is at 12 minutes left.  Can I make some tea?  No.  I’ll have to wait for this session to run out first.

Went to dinner with my friend Jan last night: there are some great food places around here.  Just amazing stuff.  We went to Santa Rosa Seafood.  Got some oysters on the half shell but they can’t get any from Hog Island Oyster Company in Marshall, California.  Apparently, they only supply their own restaurants.  The server says they’ve got four restaurants now.  I didn’t know that.  We liked the shrimp ceviche and the cod tacos.

Dinner was great and so was conversation.  Both Jan and I, up to date on politics, have no idea what’s going to happen with Mueller’s investigation, Michael Cohen, etc.  In some ways, it’s better when I don’t pay much attention even though there is some drama every day with this administration.

What’s nagging at me today?  Late last night, I was searching for a documentary series since I have exhausted, several times over, all of the episodes on PBS’ Nova and Nature series.  I ended up finding “How the Universe Works.”  I need these kinds of shows to make me feel better about all the “empty” TV I watch: “Monk,” “The Closer,” “Nikita,” “Psych,” “Goliath,” etc.  I even started watching the first episode of the second season of “Fortitude.” the other night.  Dark stuff.  I can watch one episode per night of the dark stuff like Fortitude or Goliath.

So, “How the Universe Works:” it makes me feel way too small: there are more stars in the universe than there are specks of sand on land.  Is that really true?  100 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy and 100 billion galaxies in the Universe?  (Why did I capitalize it there?)

How to form a star?  Hydrogen, gravity and time.  I have none of those so I guess I’m not making a star anytime soon.  

So, watching that series, it’s clear that the Earth (capitalized on purpose because it’s my planet) is small in comparison to our sun.  And, our sun is small compared to many other suns / stars.

I end up feeling like I’m insignificant.  And, I don’t like feeling that way.

The timer has gone off: I’ll go make my tea.  

7 thoughts on “100 Billion Stars: July 29, 2018”

  1. I too tune into shows like “How the Universe Works”. I love these shows as it brings out my amazement of the natural world and belief that good will prevail. I trust in a higher power that keeps our hearts beating and urges us to be a kind neighbor. I think the negative political climate right now will pass and will help to bring out those who believe in compassion and love. I have to believe this way and keep a vision of a positive world view.

    Keep up the blog George.

    1. He George, you too feel minscule as I do when I look at the night sky. These programs are relaxing and informative. Was in A2 5/27 for record heat past 95F. I thought of our star and it’s internal furnace work overtime and blast our old stomping grounds.

  2. The Hubble telescope was recently refurbished and peeked at what might be called an empty spot in the sky. To astronomers’ astonishment the “new” opening revealed 2 trillion never before seen galaxies. Each galaxy if like our own is estimated at having 100 billion stars. After such a find can one feel more insignificant?

  3. This is great, George! I tried writing a blog some years ago but could not get relaxed or honest enough to post consistently. Not counting the frustration of learning the right buttons to click to get to the spot, techno challenged as I can be.

    I did like to watch Monk with my stepkids. My youngest stepson loved that one particularly. Also Fear Factor. Now they’re all grown up and moved away. Mann even took over much of my job with a construction company. So you could say I got “kicked upstairs.”

    I love the 15 minute timer. Perform or else!

    Marriage breaking up, looks like. Separated for 3 months now. Had to move to Indy after I couldn’t find work in Bloomington. Master Plan at work? Gawd I hope so, guided by the stars but not compelled. Don’t need all quintillion of them just a few.

    Not much tv for me, a little baseball. I did watch most of the reruns of Boston Legal last year. Wife watched Dr. Phil. Many days we watched together with a glass of wine or cocktail after work.

    I was breaking up with the community over the past few years too. Can’t explain in a few words. Something in me uses up people and communities, and they feel it. Perhaps you and me here, too? I still love ya and think of ya. Love never dies but the quest must continue.

    Sometime in a month or two my youngest brother is funding me to come stay with him for a week or two. In the bay area. I’ll give you a call.

    Quakers have a Friends’ meeting just ten minutes away, and I got to speak of Scotty and his true community process during the luncheon afterwards. Free lunch. And maybe a bit of handyman work, too.

    All the best to you and yours.

    1. Hey, Alex, thanks for writing. I just noticed you had a birthday. Happy Birthday.

      Thanks for the good wishes. I think of you from time to time, too. Most noticeably when I see someone painting.

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