What I can do for someone who’s homeless

I had a relaxed day today: PG&E cut power in some areas so the pressure was off me to do electrical work.

I’m hoping that I can encourage others, even myself, to be inspired to do some small act to make a difference in the life of someone who is disadvantaged.

I went to ship some packages in Bennett Valley and, after completing that task, I decided, in my relaxed state, to address a woman and her two children (one in a stroller): “What do you need?” I wasn’t very eloquent or smooth. I had to prompt her and asked: “…a chicken…some other food?….) It took some courage for me to do that because I always fear these people thinking I’m going to feel guilty if I don’t offer SOME help.

When I asked the young girl (7?), she said she wanted some Cheerios. The mom chimed in and said something about milk and she motioned a gallon size jug.

My eloquent response: “OK.”

I went off to Safeway and did my shopping: I got her a turkey breast (Thanksgiving is right around the corner.); some bread; a gallon of whole milk (not 2%).

I checked myself out, with a slight smile. Put it all in a bag and walked over to her: “here’s what I got you….” She thanked me. God, it felt GOOD!

I took an action to alleviate someone else’s suffering. She still needed rent money but I didn’t address that….I guess that next I could get her name, open up an account for her and recruit folks to help her make her rent.

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