How do we talk to each other?

I posted this on that 15,000 people in my local vicinity could see. I thought it was very courageous of me. It helped that I had had a couple of shots of Cazaderos tequila (zero calories according to my Carbs Manager mobile app). I got the bottle from the Sam’s Convenience Store on the corner of Clark and E Streets in Santa Rosa: I love the place! Yes, it has quite a diverse homeless clientele.

How do we talk to each other?

I had a small complaint about another human (who doesn’t live in the neighborhood) about his/her parking. A good part of the time, I endeavor to be compassionate, empathetic, kind, fair but….I’m a New York Jewish guy and, sometimes, my heritage gets to me. It’s very easy for this kind of guy (me) to become a righteous, vindictive asshole: it’s in my genes?

So, I wrote this letter to a guy who parked in front of my house and…prevented me from parking in front of my house…I put it on his windshield. Was that wrong?

It makes me realize, especially in these times of political polarization, how I don’t know how to talk to people “on the other side.” I don’t have the skills and I haven’t gone out on a mission with an intent to acquire them…I think I should work to learn how to talk to “them” because the future of humanity and the planet might depend on doing just that….

Here’s the letter: let me know what you think I could have done better. I haven’t yet heard back from him or her but I’m kind of hoping I do….I have this fantasy that we will become good friends.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Hi there fellow human,

Parking: it’s an art.

Two years ago when I first moved here, I got a note like this — handwritten and not so nice — because I wasn’t conscious about my parking on this street and I screwed things up for my neighbor across the street.  Yes, it wasn’t nearly as nice.  

See, when a car is parked is parked in the middle of the envelope in front of a house, it prevents another car from parking there.  There’s actually room for two cars in that space where you parked. I would have parked there, too,  but, instead, I’m risking it with my landlord by parking in the driveway. (I try not to do that too often; he gets quite irritated with me.)

I’m trying to be kind and hope you can see that.  I shy away from being an asshole even though I know very well how to be that guy: I’m a Jewish guy from New York…there you have it.

So, if you could be more conscious next time you park on this — or any other – street.  That would be great.  If you have any questions, talk to my lawyer Rudy Giulani…he knows what’s going on.


Thanks.  Have a good weekend.

George, trying not to be an asshole so let me know how I did

3 thoughts on “How do we talk to each other?”

  1. Coming from Old Town in Chicago, the front of your house doesn’t mean anything, except after you shovel out your parking spot. Then you own it. Other than that, what gives you the right to the
    Parking space assuming you live on a public street? Frankly I’d read your letter and say “who is this guy?”

  2. I think I was a jerk for writing this now that I look back at it. I had consumed some alcohol which puts me into the space of being an arrogant know-it-all which…sometimes, is kind of entertaining. I don’t think it was this time, though.
    I will leave this post here just to remind myself of what a jerk I can be.

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