“Big Boy Pants?”

This was the question from late night genius Stephen Colbert to “Last Week Tonight’s” star John Oliver: “Are you wearing ‘big boy’ pants?…I’m wearing a suit.”

Colbert smiles wide and Oliver lifts up his leg to the camera to point out his “sweat pants” — so, no, he had succumbed to what everybody is doing these days as we shelter in place at home. (My neighbor tells me that sales of “tops” are up as more people try to look good/better on videoconference calls.)

As you can tell, I got a chuckle out of the question Colbert asked…specifically because it seemed so…childish. I cracked a smile and, these days, I need to do a lot of that.

Oh, try this one out for a laugh: Tom Hanks playing a dolt on SNL’s version of Jeopardy with Will Ferrell playing the straight-man Alex Trebeck. I laughed hard, reference “Catch These Men” category.

Laugh. Laugh more. Yes, the disease is serious but we humans aren’t all the time.